About Us


Our Mission

CEDC’s mission is to provide affordable homes -- both rental and ownership -- with an emphasis on resident ownership and control; to develop effective community organizations; to develop community facilities that serve the low-income community; to implement other economic development activities that benefit the low-income community; and to advocate in the field of community economic development.

CEDC’s philosophy is that its work should be done in the context of leadership development and the development of community institutions. This philosophy includes collaboration with other organizations at the local, state and national level. CEDC staff serve as active board members at the local level of the Ventura County Homeless and Housing Coalition and SCANPH (Southern California Association for NonProfit Housing); and at the state level on the Federal Home Loan Bank Advisory Board and the Bank of America Advisory Board.

At CEDC, we believe that a home is more than a place to live; it’s the cornerstone of any community’s economic, environmental and social well-being. Which is why since 1981, CEDC has provided thousands of individuals and families throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties with quality, affordable homes. And by homes, we mean both for-sale and rental dwellings. We’re proud to be a leader in developing visionary solutions for California’s housing crisis. True to our motto, CEDC creates greater opportunities, sound financial grounding and hope for the future: In other words, true to our tagline, we’re “bringing community home.”

Who We Assist

CEDC assists very-low, low- and moderate-income families to rent or buy affordable homes – both rental and for-sale. Income levels for rents are based annually on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s charts for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Our goal is to assist people in enhancing their living situations through affordable housing and, thereby, improving their lives.

In addition to seeing individual lives change, we have also seen communities prosper. Years ago, the impact of affordable housing development to low-income families was measured in creating more stable communities and giving individuals a better quality of life through their transition into safer, more decent, and affordable homes. We now know that affordable housing impacts the bottom line of a community as well. It has been estimated that for every dollar spent, between four to seven dollars are funneled back into the local economy. So, if you multiply the number of units of affordable homes CEDC has created by this factor, we estimate that we have helped return several million dollars back into the communities we serve. That’s a hefty contribution. Read more about our economic impact here.

Over the years, we’ve proved that building and maintaining affordable communities isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s a smart thing to do. We’re glad to have pioneered affordable housing in Ventura County and look forward to continuing to lead the effort for many years to come.

The Affordability Factor

Through the development of affordable homes and rental units, CEDC fulfills a tremendous housing need throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Recognizing that affordable homes are intrinsically tied to quality of life, we work to foster many business, community and government collaborations to make affordable housing possible. Why? Because we believe that affordable homes stimulate economic and environmental vitality, and helps to form an equitable and diverse community.

Not only are our housing developments affordable, they are also functionally and aesthetically designed to enhance their surrounding communities. By working to revitalize neighborhoods, CEDC creates environments that encourage working families and individuals to dream, succeed and flourish. We promote and sponsor resident and homeowner programs that nurture financial stability and leadership development, and work to keep our communities safe, beautiful, and rich in cultural and educational resources.

At the same time, CEDC empowers individuals through a variety of education and leadership resources. Our homebuyer workshops, financial counseling services and accessible loan products give deserving families and individuals the tools they need to secure quality, affordable homes.

Today, CEDC is proud to be the largest developer of affordable homes in Ventura County.